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Expand Your Business Opportunities with Technical Translation in Atlanta

The world of business is becoming increasingly international. If your company has only been providing its materials in English, you are missing out on opportunities to reach a large section of your prospective customers. You will want to use the services of  TrueLanguage for technical translation in Atlanta. Our expert linguists provide cost-effective translations and can localize your information in more than 60 languages.

Translating websites, user guides or other documents into another language is not simply a matter of substituting one word for another. You need to be aware of the culture and idioms of the people in the country you are targeting to make sure that your message is getting across accurately and succinctly. Innocent mistakes in word choices can be embarrassing and may affect the bottom line.

That’s where our language professionals and subject matter experts from around the world can help. Just as you would hire an interpreter to help you get around in a foreign country, you need translators for your technical materials to help you enter foreign markets.

If your company develops software, we can help you translate your materials to reach countries where you want to branch out and expand your brand. What’s more, our professional translators will develop native language user guides and online help to support your projects.

Anytime you prepare to roll out sales of your product in a foreign market, it’s a good idea to first translate your instruction manual into local languages. Otherwise, you force customers to choose between buying your superior product and buying a competitor’s inferior product that comes with adequate native-language support.

Companies that use informative videos to explain their products and services, whether they post them on sites such as YouTube or on their own corporate websites, cannot rely on the imagery alone to tell the entire story. To present your technical information properly, our linguists will translate your voiceovers and narration as well as any dialog that you present in your marketing and help videos.

Professionals who are evaluating a company’s product and service portfolio  typically will check the website first to do research, and if your technical information is only presented in English, you stand to lose potential customers. Our staff will go over your entire website and create local language versions for the markets where you want to expand.

If you publish a catalog in print or online, it’s a good idea to arrange for us to translate the product descriptions so that key buyers will be able to evaluate whether your items meet their needs. It’s also likely that you will need letters of introduction and memos translated for local use. Once you get close to making a deal, you will require our experts to provide translations of contracts.

Prudent company owners who want to expand their presence in the global marketplace know that they can rely on TrueLanguage’s professional language experts to provide fast and accurate technical translation in Atlanta.

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