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Translation Services
TrueLanguage provides professional, cost-effective translation services and localization solutions in more than 60 languages and specializes in the following areas:
  • Software Translation and Localization
  • Technical Translation and Localization
  • Website Translation and Localization
  • Marketing Communications Translation and Localization
  • eLearning Translation and Localization
  • Voiceovers and Audio Translation and Localization
No matter what you need translated, TrueLanguage worldwide translation, localization and interpretation services include:
  • Translation in 60+ languages
  • Experienced, centralized project management
  • Accurate, localized translation by skilled linguists with relevant subject matter expertise
  • Project-appropriate technology tools
  • ISO: 9001 certified process approach for project execution and quality assurance
  • Terminology management (True Language is an SDL Certified Partner)
  • Outstanding customer service

We value our clients

At TrueLanguage, we value and respect our clients. We are committed to making sure each client is completely relaxed knowing that their project is in good hands. Our clients appreciate how easy it is to do business with us. Call or email us today to learn more about the benefits of partnering with TrueLanguage for your translation and localization needs.

TrueLanguage has the resources and tools to provide a complete software localization solution that will convert your software, interface and support documentation into a target language while maintaining the look and feel of the parent software. TrueLanguage will ensure that your translated software, documentation, user manuals, online help and other materials conform to the cultural, linguistic and regulatory needs of the target audience.

TrueLanguage’s areas of expertise in the translation and localization of software include:
  • Database Development
  • Scripts, Utilities, Manuals
  • Programming Documents
  • Supported programming languages include .NET, Flash, Web 2.0, AJAX, CMS, JAVA, PHP/MySQL, LINUX, UNIX
  • Supported software delivery models include desktop, web-based, device or hardware, open source or proprietary
Technical Writing:
In today’s global marketplace there is an elevated need for multilingual technical documentation. All materials that describe your products and services are critical to customer experience and brand value. They must be accurate and customized to the language and needs of the target audience. TrueLanguage provides a full suite of technical documentation localization services provided by multilingual experts with an expert command of technical writing.
TrueLanguage’s areas of expertise in the translation and localization of technical writing include:
  • Technical Writing
  • Q & A Testing
  • Requirements
  • Specifications
  • User Guides
  • Case Studies
Taking advantage of the global reach of the Internet, your website is the most efficient way to reach an unlimited number of markets simultaneously. TrueLanguage can help transform your website into a multilingual marketing tool that clearly and accurately promotes your product or service to people around the world. TrueLanguage will work with your team to make sure that your website makes a statement in every language you require. Your content will retain its intended meaning, incorporate cultural practices and put your best foot forward with a global audience.
TrueLanguage’s areas of expertise in the translation and localization of websites include:
  • Website copy & design
  • Online streaming video
  • Multilingual programming
  • Online conferences and seminars
  • Copywriting and subtitling
  • Proofreading
Marketing Communications:
To effectively reach a diverse audience, you must understand how they think, not just how they speak. Literal translation can miss the mark, making your message ineffective and potentially offensive, which can seriously impact your brand. TrueLanguage can help elevate the authenticity of your brand/message through our niche understanding of cross-cultural communications and our localization expertise. Our expert linguists will help prevent cultural missteps and ensure that your message resonates with customers in every corner of the world.
TrueLanguage’s areas of expertise in the translation and localization of marketing communications include:
  • Broadcast & print advertising
  • Direct mail, conference materials
  • B2B marketing copy
  • Website content
  • Brochure copy
  • Multilingual voiceover for radio and TV
  • Outdoor publicity
You’ve created a platform for the delivery of corporate training modules that has become popular with U.S. companies. Now more clients are asking for help implementing eLearning in offices across the globe. TrueLanguage can help. We can change the language of the user interface without damaging the underlying code and assist your clients by translating and localizing eLearning content.
TrueLanguage’s areas of expertise in the translation and localization of eLearning include:
  • Multilingual instructional design consultation
  • Localization of software applications, web applications and documentation
  • Conversion of former training materials into eLearning format
  • Development of multilingual scripts, audio and video content as well as voiceover for radio
    and TV
  • Localization of multimedia and marketing materials
  • QA testing of the final product to ensure and accurate and appropriate adaption of
    your materials
Voiceovers and Audio:
When it comes to the spoken word, emphasis and tone of voice are just as critical as words when communicating your message. You need highly qualified native-speaking voiceover talent to maximize the impact of translated material. Also, be aware that automated translation of speaking scripts won’t tell your story accurately.
TrueLanguage can help you localize your multimedia efforts in order to effectively and appropriately reach your global audience. TrueLanguage’s expert linguists will localize your message to the language and culture you’re targeting. Native voiceover talent will then record your message in a state-of-the-art studio run by an experienced professional technician for overdubbing on your video, soundtrack or other audio presentation. TrueLanguage has the human and technological resources essential for the proper localization of voiceover and audio applications.
TrueLanguage’s areas of expertise in the translation and localization of voiceovers and audio include:
  • Voiceovers for streaming video
  • Online conferences and seminars
  • Copywriting, scriptwriting and subtitling
  • Training courses
  • Telephone greetings and prompts

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