AtrilStudio Project

Part III: Examples of Emotions


You’ll be recording spontaneous English speech with a total of 11 emotions in 3 different styles (storytelling, interview, questions). There will also be 2 intensity levels only for Storytelling style: High and Low. 

In addition, a set of 9 short non-verbal vocalizations will also be collected (laugh, yawn, cough, throat clear, oh, wow, mhm, ah, sigh).

For a full breakdown of each style and emotion required, download the Complete Style Guidelines and view Appendix A.

Emotion Examples

Important Recording Guidelines

Before you begin recording, we’d like you to listen to some examples of the emotions you will be recording. Please take a moment to listen to each sample below for a few seconds.

You’ll also be asked to record more common emotions including happy, sad, afraid, upset, and disgusted.

You’ll also be asked to record several non-verbal sounds. The prompt will be, “Communicate the following without explicit verbal speech.” The full list of non-verbal sounds is included in the Complete Style Guidelines.

Once you’ve listened to all of them, you can click on “I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND” at the bottom of this page to continue. Only then can you proceed to Step 4 of 4.