Our Process

Before you begin any translation or localization project, you need to have a complete strategy and plan. You can greatly improve your chances for success by relying upon the expertise of a professional localization company such as TrueLanguage to help develop your strategy and efficiently manage your plan.

TrueLanguage ensures an efficient, streamlined process for your project

TrueLanguage recognizes how important it is to track each and every step of your project to ensure quality assurance and on-time completion. As such, we have developed stringent project management (PM) procedures in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 guidelines, and employ a sophisticated PM tool, Plunet Project Manager. With Plunet’s technology, we can manage the entire lifecycle of each project, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined process. Our clients can track their project and see the various built-in quality assurance steps from beginning to end.

Sample diagrams of our process flow are below.

Dedicated experts will meet your deadline and deliver superior results

TrueLanguage offers each client personalized attention through a dedicated local project manager whose sole purpose is to ensure that your project is completed how and when you need it. Our project managers are trained professionals who understand the importance of managing your project effectively and efficiently. TrueLanguage project managers are readily accessible and always responsive to your needs.

At the start of your project, your TrueLanguage project manager will work with you to determine the optimal workflow based on your requirements. They will then assemble and actively manage a team of experts best suited to your project. Through a strategic combination of advanced technology, trained project managers, and experienced translators and subject matter experts, TrueLanguage will meet your deadline and deliver results that exceed your expectations.