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Over 120 Languages

We work with professional writers who are native speakers and subject matter experts to provide you with accurate, localized, quality services in all of the countries/regions listed.

Interpretation Services

Gain access to effective and reliable foreign-language interpretation services, and keep the conversation going, one-on-one or with an audience, on-site or long-distance.

Technical Translation

We can handle high-level technical content, including complicated drawings or specs, user manuals, training manuals, process documentation, and more.

Social Media, Marketing and Website Localization

Cultural consulting, in-country review, and multilingual typesetting and desktop publishing services ensure your translated marketing materials are as crisp and beautiful as your originals.

Audio and Video Transcription

Do you have audio or video content that you need in writing? We can transcribe it for you verbatim and then translate it, all with time coding.

ELearning and Training

How do you train your global, multilingual team—printed guides and textbooks, interactive eLearning courses, or a mixture? No matter what medium, we make your training accessible to your team.

Voiceover and Subtitles

Bring your video content to viewers in your target market with on-screen titles or a timed audio track.

Terminology Management

Each project involves terminology mining. We create a client-specific terminology database and maintain consistency throughout your materials.


Some things just don’t translate. When that happens, transcreation is the answer. Our transcreative translators are also professional creative writers who can take on this challenge.

Neural Machine Translation and Post-Editing

Could this service be a good option for your project? We can assist you in completing a full evaluation to help you decide.

Workflow and Process Consulting

When your enterprise grows to incorporate multiple languages and expands its global footprint, we fine-tune your workflows and processes for optimal results.

Localization Consulting

For spot-on translation for a specific region or group, only authentic voices will do. We take your audiences as seriously as you do, so we turn to expert linguists from those same audiences for the top-quality language services we provide

We Value Our Clients

At TrueLanguage, we appreciate and respect our clients. We are committed to making sure each one is completely at ease, knowing their project is in good hands. Our clients appreciate how easy it is to do business with us. Call or email us today to learn more about the benefits of partnering with TrueLanguage for your translation and localization needs.

“The level and quality of service from TrueLanguage exceeds expectations. The TrueLanguage team provides prompt communications, clear expectations for turn-around and pricing, and quality results on time. Highly recommend!”

Lou Childs, SlumberPod – Dovetail Essentials LL

"TrueLanguage’s professionalism and approach to every project ensures the end deliverable exceeds expectations. They are easy to work with, process-oriented, and focused on delivering ongoing value over the length of the relationship. When words matter, TrueLanguage is the only choice. "

Eric Holtzclaw, TrueLanguage Customer

“It is an absolute pleasure working with everyone at TrueLanguage. Accurate, reliable, attentive, and professional are just some of the words to describe our experience with TrueLanguage.”

Eric Marjoram Marjoram Creative

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