eLearning & Training

Keep your global workforce on the same page, and make the world your classroom. You invest a great deal in teaching your workforce to fulfill the standards of excellence your business requires. With TrueLanguage on your team, your training investment won’t get lost in translation. Get a FREE quote Today by filling out our easy form or call us now at 770.850.1205

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The TrueLanguage Advantage

How do you train your team? With printed guides and textbooks, through interactive eLearning courses, or a mixture of both? However you work, we have the agility and technology to work alongside you. You’re free to focus on perfecting your routines, protocols, and practices, and we’ll bring them home to your multilingual team members… no matter where that is.

End-To-End Service

A full training course can include a huge number of materials, including textbooks, posters and labels, online courses, audio/visual elements, and so on. Our comprehensive service package means you can entrust us with every aspect of the project, from start to finish. And it doesn’t matter if you’re training a team of five or five thousand – our scalable approach lets us adapt to projects of any size.

Adapt Your Design

Design matters a lot in training materials, not just for your brand and messaging, but for the way trainees in different cultures learn and process information. We can assist you to optimize your design for the cultures you need to educate, without compromising the design choices that define your enterprise.

Interactive Media

How interactive are your materials? eLearning software like Adobe Captivate allows you to craft courses that engage your trainees with video, quizzes, games, and more – and TrueLanguage is ready to handle the native localization of all those moving parts. And when everything is handled, we provide thorough testing and review before your courses appear on your trainees’ monitors.