Legal Document Translation Services

Legal writing in any language demands clarity, rigor, and an absolute attention to detail. TrueLanguage legal document translations fulfill all applicable standards, so you’re ready for the office or the courtroom. Get a FREE quote Today by filling out our easy form or call us now at 770.850.1205

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Get the TrueLanguage Advantage

As your translation partner, we’re invested in your communications at every step, and we want to know their ins and outs as fully as you do. Your tone of voice, your style specifications, your distribution channels and schedule, your preferred media. Our integrated translation service lets you communicate with your team members anywhere around the world with the same level of ease you know at home – your message is our mission, in your voice, in any language you request.

Complete, Accurate, Certified

We want your legal translations to pass muster with any and all agencies that request them. For this reason, we can provide you with our notarized attestation of accuracy and completeness, sealed and stamped, with all digital and hard copies of your documents.

Transcription / Translation

What if you have an audio recording in a foreign language that requires translation? First you’ll need transcription, and provided that we also carry out the translation for you, that’s a service we can offer as well.

Legal Interpretation

Translation only applies to written content – if your legal work involves oral communication, our interpretation services will meet your needs. Our resource pool includes a number of certified interpreters trained for legal and courtroom work. And if you need interpretation over the phone, you can access our telephone interpretation service at any time, day or night.