Need professional legal document translation services? You’ve found the right site. Legal document writing in any language demands clarity, rigor, and an absolute attention to detail. There is no room for ambiguity, or for non-compliance with established standards.

The need for legal document translation services can also come up with little notice, and no time to wait. You might need legal translation services for patents, contracts, discovery documents, or any other element of a legal client’s paper trail. A court case could involve documentation, evidence, or testimony in a foreign language. We provide these services to your specifications, within your schedule, and with any approvals and certifications a legal entity could require.

We want your legal translations to pass muster with any and all agencies that request them. For this reason, we can provide you with our notarized attestation of accuracy and completeness, sealed and stamped, with all digital and hard copies of your documents.

What if you have an audio recording in a foreign language that requires translation? First you’ll need transcription, and provided that we also carry out the translation for you, that’s a service we can offer as well.

Translation only applies to written content – if your legal work involves oral communication, our interpretation services will meet your needs. Our resource pool includes a number of  certified interpreters trained for legal and courtroom work. And if you need interpretation over the phone, you can access our telephone interpretation service at any time, day or night.

Legal Document Translation Types: Contracts, patents, testimonies, depositions, sworn statements, decrees and findings. Our translation services cover all aspects of your legal document translating needs.

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