Legal Translation Services

In matters of law, the stakes are always high, and even a minor verbal misunderstanding can lead to major challenges. Concision, clarity, and compliance are critical.

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Legal Translation Services Concise, Clear, and Compliant

In matters of law, the stakes are always high, and even a minor verbal misunderstanding can lead to major challenges.

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Certified Accuracy

We can provide you with our notarized attestation of accuracy and completeness, sealed and stamped, with all digital and hard copies of your documents.


Audio files are easily transcribed in any language and then translated into Englishcomplete with speaker identification and time codes.

Legal Interpretation

Our resource pool includes a number of certified interpreters trained for legal and courtroom work. And if you need interpretation over the phone, you can access our telephone interpretation service at any time, day or night.

Clarity, Rigor, and Attention to Detail

Our thorough, rigorous process of native-language translation, proofreading, typesetting and review guarantees you the clarity and certainty you need.


“We used TrueLanguage for a recent case and are extremely happy with the outcome. Uli and the team are quick to respond and provide output in their work product. Highly recommend TrueLanguage!”

Jaymen Chavda

The Management of Terminology in Translations

The Management of Terminology in Translations

A company-approved glossary or list of terminology is crucial for products and processes. Equivalent terms in all target languages should also be established. Proper terminology management is essential in a professional localization/translation process to ensure consistent language usage in organizational content. This article discusses the keys to m managing terminology in English as well as the best practices for terminology management in translation.

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What is Terminology in Translation?

What is Terminology in Translation?

Terminology in translation is the use of specialized language and words that are used in a particular subject or context. It is critically important for a translator to have a deep understanding of the subject matter, and to have a working knowledge of the terminology used, to accurately convey the meaning of the source text into another language. This article discusses how to compile, store, and share terminology for translations and goes over the sizable benefits.

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There is no room for ambiguity!

Whether contracts, patents, testimonies, depositions, sworn statements, decrees, or findings, we are ready to translate all your legal content.

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