To market your business to a foreign clientele, you’ve got to reach them in their language. And there’s so much more to a foreign language than the words alone.

When you expand into a foreign language, you’re expanding into a new culture, a new economy, and new modes of communication. That’s where we come in – we live foreign language every day, and we know what separates a simple, words-in-words-out translation from the kind of nimble, culture-specific localization that will make your clients feel noticed, appreciated, and receptive to your message.

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Our professional multilingual typesetting and desktop publishing services ensure that you’ll end up with translated marketing materials as crisp and beautiful as your originals, adjusted as needed for your particular languages. Are you moving into a right-to-left language, like Arabic or Hebrew? Or a language with a large number of diacritical marks, like Vietnamese? We’ll keep every word where it needs to be, looking the way you want it.

The ultimate stamp of approval has to come from your target market, before your materials are released to the public. That’s why in-country review is such a crucial step to any marketing project. Native speakers and subject matter experts on the ground should read through the translations we provide, and inform us of any changes necessary to make your content true to their local voice. You may have these experts available if your team is already operating abroad; if you don’t, we’ll help you find them.
Whether your materials are heavy on images, or give more space to text content, do you know which will get a better response from your new clients? How will they receive your website’s layout, color scheme, or other design choices? TrueLanguage’s cultural consultancy can give you a leg up in shaping your marketing outreach and user experience to fit your clients’ expectations, draw them in, and keep them coming back.
Document Types: Brochures, magazines, catalogs, press releases, presentations, videos, websites, blogs, apps and interfaces