Medical device translation requires language services as precise and finely calibrated as your products. And that’s what our process offers you.

Every project we take on is subject to a set of measures and procedures, designed to create the clear, concise translations your global clients expect and deserve. This includes the rigorous medical and scientific standards you may be required to satisfy in order to penetrate a foreign market. Let our process guide you and your content – it’s thorough, tested, ISO 9001:2015-certified, and HIPAA-compliant.

Our end-to-end quality management process means your translations are monitored by our project management staff at every step, from the first estimate to the final typeset proof. And it’s not just thorough, it’s as transparent as you need it to be – our language portal can put you in touch with your projects, your project manager, your documents, and your budget at any time, day or night.

Who better to execute a medical device translation than a translator with medical experience? Our pool of 1500+ translators in 120+ languages includes subject matter experts in a range of medical and scientific disciplines, with backgrounds in academics, clinical medicine, occupational health and safety, nursing, testing, and others.

In-country review by native subject matter experts does more than give your translations the proper voice. It provides a further guarantee that your translations will fulfill all local standards and satisfy all criteria for distribution. These experts should be a part of your team on the ground in your new market… and if you don’t have them, we’ll help you find them.

Document Types: Manuals, instructions for use, technical specifications, permits and licenses, warning labels, catalogs

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