Technical Documentation

You’ve got users to educate, processes to document, and international standards to meet – we can help you get there.

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    The TrueLanguage Advantage

    Offering your technology to international clients, from smartphones and tablets to industrial machinery, means all your technical documentation has to go with it. Comprehensive language services are your global tech support solution.

    Technical translation has been the heart of TrueLanguage since our founding. It’s where we began, and it’s one area where our expertise and track record are unparalleled. We’ve got years of experience managing the translation of technical documents of all sizes, across the industrial spectrum. And our translation technology does more than keep your technical terminology in line – it has the potential to save you a lot of money.

    Field Expertise

    No one knows better how to translate your documents than a professional linguist with experience in your field. Our pool of 1500+ translators in 120+ languages includes experts from all branches of industry and technology. For your projects, we’ll always assemble a translation team with just the know-how you need.

    Version Control

    Are your technical documents subject to regular updates? We can help in two ways here. First, we keep backup copies of your translation versions in our system, in case you need to retrieve them later. Second, and most importantly, all your translated content is stored in your translation memory database… so, if your updates involve a high volume of recycled content, you can reap major savings.

    Terminology Management

    Does your business have a glossary of terms for your technical writing? If not, you need one, in English and in all your foreign languages. Through terminology mining, we can extract these terms for your approval, and your translations will be all the more consistent with your voice.

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    Call us for a quote at 770.850.1205 or
    enter your information.