Do you have audio or video content that you need in writing? Let us get it down on paper for you – TrueLanguage’s range of services includes professional transcription, in any language and within your budget.

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    The TrueLanguage Advantage

    TrueLanguage offers professional transcription as part of our suite of language services. Our team is here to provide you with transcripts of audio-visual materials of all kinds, for all purposes. Whether you need a script extracted from your materials for foreign language localization, or monolingual transcription for legal, medical, or governmental use, our team brings the same level of excellence and rigorous quality assurance standard to all transcription projects.

    Transcription and Translation

    Provide us with your audio or video material, and our team will transcribe, translate, review, and deliver your text in all required languages in your preferred format (subtitles, voice-over, read-along transcript, etc.)

    Certified and Compliant

    Our processes are ISO 9001:2015-certified and HIPAA-compliant, and our document protocols are adaptable to all applicable security levels.

    We deliver complete and accurate transcribed documents for use as you require, in translation or in their original state.

    Transcription Only

    We have expert resources in more than 160 languages standing by to move your audio materials into text format for use in legal, judicial, medical, or governmental contexts (depositions, witness statements, emergency calls, medical reports, sensitive communications, etc.)

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    Call us for a quote at 770.850.1205 or
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