What inspires business growth in a city like Atlanta, Georgia? Three things: vision, passion, and energy. These are exactly what Uli Dendy, CEO/President of TrueLanguage has.

She has served on the Atlanta Business Growth Team for several years. This dedicated group of business leaders has a set focus on the growth opportunities for the city and within their own business communities. Today, Uli Dendy focuses much of her attention on acquiring new members for the team—members that will carry on the legacy of this committed organization.

At TrueLanguage, Uli Dendy leads a committed team of experts, who provide a broad range of services that include translation to proofreading to eLearning, desktop typesetting and much more. She oversees a broad, multi-industry client portfolio and a network of more than 1,500 professional language resources around the world.

For more than 20 years, she has kept her finger on the pulse of the language translation and localization industry. Today, business leaders around the world trust TrueLanguage to provide exactly what they need to excel in a global marketplace.

TrueLanguage provides a comprehensive solution that enables communication platforms to function effectively in a cross-cultural and multilingual environment. One long-time customer, who is a company president and CEO writes, “TrueLanguage’s knowledge of cultural nuances, their attention to detail, and their ability to respond in a timely manner are among the many reasons TrueLanguage is our exclusive resource for all of our translation needs.”

TrueLanguage is an ISO-Certified business translation agency specializing in business translation, technical, document, legal, localization translation services and more. The company provides accurate localized translations by the highest skilled translators and linguists in the world.

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