professional translation servicesLet’s say you need professional translation services for localizing your organization’s key materials for readers in several countries. There are two approaches to this particular challenge – which one works best for your project?

The TrueGlobal™ Standard for Professional Translation Services

One approach is to create translation that is as universal as possible. Such translation features vocabulary, expressions, and usage that native speakers easily understand and readily accept in all regions where the target language is spoken. These TrueGlobal™ professional translation services resonate with nearly all native-speaking readers of the target language throughout the world. Likewise, this approach scrupulously avoids highly regional language only familiar to a limited geographical area. It also typically involves consulting internationally recognized institutions that determine and regulate the global standard of usage for a language. One example of these is the Real Academia Española, which serves those functions for the Spanish language. Finally, the main advantage to the TrueGlobal™ approach is that you only need one professional translation to serve the needs of your readers in many different places.

The LocalVoice™ Standard for Expert Localization Services

Another approach is to localize your content for a specific area, perhaps for one particular region or country. In this way, your translation features familiar vocabulary, expressions, and usage that speak directly to native speakers of the language in a precise location. Thus, with LocalVoice™ professional translation services, your readers read a language that truly sounds like their own. For instance, if your translated text is for native speakers of French living in Montreal, you’ll need to inform your translation provider that you require French for Canada instead of French for France. So, the key advantage to the LocalVoice™ approach is that your organization has an authentic local voice. This will better inspire the trust, interest, and goodwill of the people you are reaching out to.

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