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Translation is not just about words. It has to do with what the words are about and subject matter expertise is not just important to translation – it is vital to the quality of the translation.

That is why the translators we work with at TrueLanguage are subject matter experts in addition to having a linguistic background and education. We can choose from a large network of experts in different languages and from a variety of expertise and educational backgrounds in each language. Our translators are specially selected after a thorough qualification review process.

Establishing a translator team for each client is a fine art. The project managers at TrueLanguage are very familiar with the diverse backgrounds of our translators. As such, they can determine which translator and proofreader will be suitable for a particular job with great efficiency. We have a very thorough database of resources from which we can select, considering language, education, expertise, experience and availability. Armed with this information, we build a team comprised of at least one translator and proofreader, who will do the translation, review and final LSO (linguistic sign-off) before we return the translation to the client.

In addition to the resources in our immediate network, TrueLanguage’s project managers are trained and experienced in combing the marketplace to hire resources that meet TrueLanguage’s exceptionally high criteria requirements. It is our goal to assign your project to not just any resource, but rather the best resource for the job.

Sometimes, specific issues arise that requires the in-company expertise of your subject matter expert. These changes aren’t always obvious in the pre-translation review process. In these scenarios, TrueLanguage’s project managers are trained in facilitating the flow of information between your team and ours. This way the experts can exchange valuable information and knowledge. We also evaluate the changes to make sure that the issues are properly addressed in every language across the project. This step guarantees not only a high-quality translation, but a clear, unified message in all languages. We wouldn’t be in business and grow our satisfied clients if we did it any other way.