Translation Agency Technology

While technology cannot replicate the expertise of a professional translator when it comes to capturing the cultural nuances, tones and colloquialisms of a specific language, it does play an important role in providing the most efficient, accurate and cost-effective translation possible. That’s why we utilize the latest translation technologies to help us manage and complete your project on time and on budget, every time.

Plunet enables TrueLanguage to closely manage your translation project

TrueLanguage utilizes Plunet Business Manager, an automated workflow solution specifically designed for translation and localization companies, to manage your project. Through a single platform, we can automatically track all of the activities and processes involved in your project. Plunet is extremely flexible, allowing us to set up customer-specific workflows based on your exact requirements. With Plunet, we are able to respond quickly to your requests, follow project progress and generate valuable reports.

TrueLanguage is an SDL certified partner

SDL is a worldwide leader in offering superior computer assisted translation (CAT) tools to language service providers. That’s why TrueLanguage applied for and obtained SDL certified partner status, thereby joining a select group of companies that share this distinction. Our purpose in partnering with SDL is to give our clients fast, highly accurate, and thoroughly consistent translations and to work with SDL to continuously improve the translation process. Key features of the SDL translation platform include automatic verification of client-specific vocabulary, management of translation memory and terminology, and quality assurance checks that complement the work of human translators and editors. SDL software also enables a well-coordinated team approach to translation through the creation of shared glossaries that assist in keeping your branding message consistent.

TrueLanguage translators make use of SDL solutions to help them translate your content as efficiently as possible, in this way significantly reducing your costs. Our professional translators understand when and how to use the technology and will apply it according to the requirements of each client and project.