Our Expertise

If there’s one common misconception just about every business owner has, in regards to language translation at one point or another, it’s that it’s a relative simple matter. They assume that all you need is a staff member with an ability to speak more than one language, and you’re golden. It only takes one negative experience or miscommunication to realize that accurate language translation is about so much more.

However, at TrueLanguage, we’re not just about painstaking accuracy and quality language services. We’re also focused on offering individualized, highly responsive customer service to each of our clients. When you make us your translation solution of choice, you’re gaining a powerful ally when it comes to expanding the impact of your brands internationally. Contact one of our representatives today for a free consultation!

A whole lot goes into even the most basic translation project. It doesn’t matter if your document has two paragraphs or two hundred pages – every translation includes a full proofreading by a second native-language pro, and we’ll keep the final result in order to cut costs for you in the future.
We take your audience as seriously as you do. In fact, they’re the ones we turn to for the superior service we provide. For language that’s spot-on for your intended region or group, only authentic voices will do.
Good translators are writers, too, and most of the time your source text will be a precise blueprint for their work. But sometimes a direct translation is impossible or inadvisable. When that happens, transcreation is the answer.
We’re proud to offer our customers a full suite of desktop publishing services, making it possible for us to tackle projects in any of the formats you might need. Your style, graphics, and layout are safe with us!
If you reach out to your clients through videos, don’t be intimidated by the prospect of taking them global. With your content as a starting point, we’ll deliver videos that are ready for the world to see.

To verify that our translations meet the high standards we set and you expect, you’ll need linguists on your side to bring your company’s outlook to bear on our product. Useful feedback for us, peace of mind for you… everyone wins!

We want our translations to do more than speak in your voice – we want them to speak in your voice every time, every project, in every language. A glossary keeps your most important terms front and center, translated and approved, for use in all projects.
TrueLanguage provides professional, cost-effective translation services and localization solutions in more than 120 languages, all to your specifications.